This is a smart contract extended ERC721 that anyone can freely minting and using token on DApps.


Non-Fungible Token used on DApps such as "ERC721" can easily be transferred or exchanged between users, but the DApps admin team holds the authority of publishing and deleting tokens.
Thus the service itself is quite known and centralized because of the above reason.
So we thought it might be interesting to have de-centralized digital token which can be published and deleted by the users themselves, and token data values can be added by changing parameters.
Moreover, the tokens can be used over any DApps and the same token may have different values depends on the transferred environment, DApps.
We strongly believe in our new concepts and free Non-Fungible token which may broaden the world of current token economy.


Freedom of minting

Anyone can freely generate virtual tokens. Owners can freely transfer ownership the tokens.

Proof of ownership

|||||| can prove who owns which tokens.

Proof of created

|||||| can identify the original creator of the token.

Freedom of use

The token can be used on corresponding DApps.

Immutable data

The creator of the token can provide data, this is immutable after the creation of the token.

Freedom of behavior

For example, the token that becomes a dragon with DApps, and it may becomes a voting right in another DApps, and it may becomes a virtual land in yet another DApps.


  • The value of the token for one on DApps for one game may be weak. Conversely, the same value could be used for a strong character in another game.
  • The user can be rewarded by creating and using token in one DApps and have the same amount of tokens when starting another DApps.
  • The token can be tied and associated with digital assets and even if the assets are transferred to another owner, the user can still detect the assets creator based on the creator's address.
  • The user can limit how much unknown tokens are used.


Let's create a legendary music band with talented members! The token created at different DApps may bring secret members with unique parameters.
Merge different types of dragons and create the strongest species! The token created at different DApps may bring useful items which can be used in the game.

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